My Nine Point

May 18, 2011
By dustin vanderheide BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
dustin vanderheide BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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“Quiet,” I told my dad at the top of the valley. All I could see was the top of his antlers. Then five seconds later, I picked up my rifle and set it on the hunting stick. I sited in on the buck and it was looking right at me. I took another look and saw it was a nine point.

But I couldn’t take the shot till it turned to its side for a heart shot. For almost five minutes we were eye to eye. Then it turned and I looked down my scope and pulled the trigger. I did that my dad said soot, which messed me up and I hit him in the gut. He ran about 70 yards and dropped.

By the time my dad and I walked down to the deer it was getting dark outside. When we started gutting the deer, we could hear the coyote’s howl. Every time they howled they were closer. After about ten minutes the coyotes were less than ten feet from us. We finished gutting the deer. Once we started pulling the deer, the coyote’s started eating the guts. We put the deer in the truck and brought it to the possessing place. Then I mounted the antlers.

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it was my second buck

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