Unknown Fish

May 18, 2011
By demos985 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
demos985 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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I was out for at least three and half hours. Everything I was catching was little to nothing. I had to get up at 5:30 in the morning and it was a vacation so I was pretty ticked off about that. I was catching seaweed, seaweed and more seaweed. My point was if anybody was getting anything they weren’t anything to cheer about. It was a pretty boring day overall, we had moved from place to place in our little section of the lake. It was getting later and we were getting louder so I thought I was going to have to leave without getting anything. As I went to go get a new worm I thought myself,
“This will be the one.” As I throw it into the water I see a fish swim towards than quickly swim away. I reel it back in and about five minutes later again I realize that my worm is gone. So again I have to put yet another worm on my hook. It was ten o’ clock by now and no one had caught anything. My mom said,
“Wow we have been here for a while now.” About five minutes later I thought I had something as I was pulling up I realize that it was just seaweed. I took the seaweed off, put a worm on and just kept fishing. I kept it in the water for about ten more minutes I got a bite but the fish got away. I took my poll out of the water, put a worm on it and reeled it right back into the water. In my mind I was thinking,
“I’ve got to catch a fish soon I don’t want to spend all this time here and not catch a fish at all.” I sat for about five minutes nothing came I moved went to a different spot and stayed there for fifteen minutes by then my worm had just worn off. I went over to the worms got a new one put it on my poll and back to my old spot. Something was tugging I was trying my hardest to pull it in. I couldn’t get it, I was pulling it in we could see it over the edge now. By now we could see it in detail the fish was over the edge I’ve caught my first fish of the day. By time we got it over the edge nobody could tell what kind of fish it was. The fish was squirming it was trying to get off it was huge and hard to hold up. My mom said,
“Before it goes back in let me get a picture.” Right after we took the picture it got off. Nobody knows where the fish is today.

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