His Girls

May 10, 2011
By Tabbyy SILVER, Wells, Maine
Tabbyy SILVER, Wells, Maine
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Mamas face changed so fast once she picked up the phone. My little hands are pulling at her shirt. What’s wrong mama? I see tears start to well in her eyes but they never fall. I’ve never seen her like this. Why is she so sad? She hangs up the phone and heads for the closet. She grabs my shoes and tells me to sit so we can get going. Why are her hands shaking? She puts me in my car seat. She tells me that we have to go and get Amanda at the bus stop. Why isn’t Amanda walking home from the bus? The bus pulls up and Amanda gets off. She gets in the car with a look on her face that shows she is just as confused as I am. Mama tells her to buckle up and sit back. Where are we going? We drive for what seems like forever. We pull up to a big brick building with big sliding doors. Where are we? Mama gets me out of my car seat and Amanda takes my hand. We are almost running to try and keep up with Mamas fast walk. Why is she in such a hurry? We get to a big counter with a lady sitting on the other side. Mama asks where Douglas Goodale is and tells the lady that she is his wife. Why is daddy here? Amanda’s face is starting to look nervous to. She knows where we are. What is this place? The lady points down the hall. The sign at the top says Emergency Recovery. What does that mean? We get to a room. Its plan and looks like a science lab. Daddy lays in the bed with a bunch of machines attached to him. Why is he attached to this stuff? Mama looks at him and the tears well again but still don’t fall. He has his wedding ring. He only lost his right. How did he survive? The doctors kept asking him that. All he would say is that he couldn’t leave his girls.

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