To the Land of the Butterflies

May 9, 2011
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Once a year for one week during the summer I go with my family to the land of the butterflies. Seeing them floating through the air, to seeing them pop out of their cocoon’s always brings a smile to my face. It was the one thing that I loved so much about the island of Kelly’s Island. Without it Kelly’s Island would definitely not be the same.
It was just like any other year at the island, but when that first night came around and my family and I all hopped in the golf cart to go on the annual ride around the island. Then we would go to the land of the butterflies. “Here we come butterflies,” I said to my family, but mostly myself. The sad fact finally hit us when we pulled into the parking lot to the butterfly shop. Instead of seeing the bright vibrant colors, the smell of mint, feeling the ocean breeze, and finally seeing the breathtaking moment of entering the land of the butterflies.
“No more butterflies?” I said to my mom as the tears start running down my face. Though the tears kept on coming I did not try to stop them. I was mad, nobody had the right to take away my butterflies. It was not fair at all. My mom knew exactly what to do, so instead of answering my question she spread her arms and embraced me into a big bear hug. I knew there was never going to be the land of the butterflies again.
Though the land of the butterflies is no longer there, I still visit the island of every year. Though I still have fun, on every evening golf cart ride tears come to my eyes. As we pass the new gift shop, and I remember what used to be there. The land of the butterflies where there was always the sweet smell of mint, the ocean breeze, and the vibrant colors of all the beautiful butterflies floating by.

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