love i lost but then found

May 8, 2011
It’s May first and I’m single, I’m not sure if being singles is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess it’s because the relationship that I was in ended last night on the phone. Last night was my junior prom, it was alright but I saw him. He was someone that I’ve done everything with. This sounds kind of ridiculous but in my perspective it was like a fairy tale. My date was a freshman and to be honest I wanted the senior to be my date for prom. I was sixteen, I fell in love this is me and how two people can affect me. I all started my freshman year in high school; I was nervous, not outgoing kind of gal that didn’t really socialize the first few days. Two quarters have gone by, in my math class we had to move seats to get use to everyone in the class and I get stuck with this guy who is a jock and he was all but not much brain, I thought. One day in the beginning of class my teacher asked me a question

“Natalie, what’s the answer to number one?”
I hesitate and Jaime whispers,

I didn’t know and what do you know Jaime tells the answer and of course it was wrong. Later on the eighth of February we just started our relationship and believe it or not I didn’t think we would last a few months we had to hide it because I wasn’t allowed to be with anyone till I turned fifteen. What can I say I was a freshman, he was cute and that spelled out trouble. One the 23rd of May was the day of my quincenera and my escort was Jaime of course. After that day everything got better. So days turned into months and turned into a full year. During that year he invited me to a birthday party and we had a conversation outside.

“I think what we have now is great and we can last longer”

“I believe that too. I’m glad that I took the risk and hid us from my parents”
The more we talked about how we felt the better our relationship got. Soon after it got from better to worse. It started with a “little bird” who told e that he was cheating on me with another girl. I couldn’t believe it because he was and still is the longest relationship I’d been in. I didn’t have any trust issues but then the pressure started building I started believing that he had cheated on me that ended up to be the first of many break ups. From then on we have been up and down, on and off, just like a roller coaster. I never told my parents though because they loved him and I couldn’t disappoint my parents and force me not to talk to him. When we were together I was invited to his sister’s birthday party and it turned out good. Throughout the party was with Jaime the whole time so things lead to another and we both lost our virginities together that night. To me that showed that I can’t or will ever forget about the relationship we had. In December of 2010 we finally stopped talking. It’s been almost six months since I’ve talked to him and I couldn’t handle because he was graduating so I messaged him on Facebook and I said:

“Hey um I know it’s weird that I’m messaging you, I want to say thank you for everything and being there when I needed someone and I am so proud of you graduating.”
He replies:

“Thank you Natalie text me when you can plz”

Of course I text him and we text as if there was no tomorrow. And when I sent him the message it was the night before prom, he had his date and I had mine which was to be honest kind of making me feel blue. When we were done talking it was already the morning and prom was just a few hours away. It was about seven , my brother and I with our dates were at Mr. Auns it was amazing. Unfortunately right when we were about to eat Jaime walks through the doors with his date. I start thinking to myself

‘oh god’
The girl he was with was someone that knew I still had feelings for him and to be honest I wanted to do something but my mother taught a young lady not a scrapper. Prom just started and I’m with my date but I wasn’t really happy with him because of Jaime. Jaime was having a blast dancing with her but he wanted to talk to me and that’s when everything changed. Reason why it did was because just one “little” thing that he said got to me:

Don’t go back to him please. I want you to be my baby again I miss you, I love Natalie you don’t even know. Even ask anyone I hang out with I wanted you to be y prom date.”
That got me so good it was so hard to walk away but he was crying, holding me tight and I just couldn’t let go. By the end of the end of the night we both had our lips touching one an others and it was like fireworks for the fourth of July. I missed my baby and now we are talking I am single and to be honest I’m glad thing happened this way because I’m with my love again.

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