Growing up

May 8, 2011
By cryforhelp95 GOLD, Nonw, Oregon
cryforhelp95 GOLD, Nonw, Oregon
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You can be beautiful on the outside.. But if you have an ugly heart, you're ugly.

I have lived in a small town in Oregon since the day that i was born in 1995, I have known almost all of the same people and i have felt almost the same way about almost all of them. I grew up with a mother, a brother, a grandmother, an aunt, and couple of adopted brothers, my father on the other hand was only in my life until i was 8 years old not to return until i was 15 only to find out that he had liver cancer and that i may lose him soon. There have of course been times that I have hated my life (i don't know a teenager that hasn't) but there are also times that i will say that i love my life. My family has been there for me my entire life and i have always been glad that they are there, my brother was there whenever i needed to talk about something that i needed to get off of my chest, my mother is there when i need to talk about something that i cant talk to my school councilor or something else, my grandmother has been there since i can remember and she is there when i need a good story to either cheer me up, make me laugh, and stories that make me think about things that i need to really sit down and think about, my aunt has been there when i need to talk to and learn things that i never knew. In conclusion my family is there when i need to talk or need a good chuckle.

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