To Live In Fear

May 13, 2011
By , Lillooet, Canada
I live in a dangerous country, a country where girls and women are constantly in danger, where at any moment they might be kidnapped and taken away to somewhere else in Europe to be sold into slavery of the worst kind. I am American by birth but live in this country. For a few months I had noticed myself being followed a lot. Several times having to run and hide in an alley or apartment building.

The day started like any other, I left for school with my best friend and about halfway there we noticed a man following us on a motorcycle, at first we didn't think much of it so we continued walking until we heard him talking on the phone describing to someone on the other end exactly where we were and that they should come quickly to pick us up. We started to run, we made it to the school gates but they weren't open yet. We turned to look up and down the street and saw to our horror that all exit roads had big black cars patrolling and from each end came men walking towards us in suits. It's the kind of thing you see in movies but dont think really happens. We called my dad and he was there in minutes, he told us to get in the car and keep down, he covered us with some old junk he had to cover us up with and we drove away to safety.
Life changed after that, we no longer went to school, we didn't leave the house, it was too dangerous. But they still didn't give up, I was constantly harassed with late night phone calls with no one on the other end, or by notes filled with threats being thrown over the wall. Finally they tried facebook, sending pornographic messages and threats. At long last my family decided that I should leave the country, even in the airport there was men watching me, talking about me, I knew who they were...they didn't care, they knew their mission.

Finally I got to Canada where I was put in a boarding school, I haven't seen my family in 2 years.

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