Dancing in the Sky

May 13, 2011
By superpiggy13 SILVER, Madison, New Jersey
superpiggy13 SILVER, Madison, New Jersey
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As my cousins and I walked to the backyard we admired every body's shoes, the ladybugs crawling on the sidewalk, and just about everything else that grownups are too busy to notice. Look at that one fly!!!! Screamed Brandon as we both ran after it with outstretched arms pretending we could also fly. Dylan ran up behind us as fast as his, small, two year old legs could carry him. Ariel let's fly our kites now Brandon exclaimed, as Dylan followed us closely, watching or kites come to life and dance in the air.

Lunch time everybody yelled my aunt Melissa (Brandon and Dylan's mom). We watched our kites fall, as they laid on the ground they looked lifeless and still. The aroma of the barbecue caught up to us as we raced to the folding table set up in my driveway. As we sat at the table Brandon gave me a grin and looked over at the empty chair next to him, I got up and walked over to the chair, the bottom of my dress fluttering in the wind.

Lunch passed quickly, Brandon and I paying no attention to anything anybody else said, just thinking about kites and flying. As we finished our lunch, Brandon and I smiled signaling to each other we were done and ready to blast off and go play. We got up from the table, taking our time to carefully set our forks napkins and cups onto our plates, and walked inside to the kitchen loading our dirt dishes into the dishwasher. We ran outside flapping our arms like birds flying in the sky, we ran down the stairs and jumped off. We were momentarily "flying"! We laughed as we hit the floor, a smile stretching from ear to ear.

The wind picked up and we ran for our kites, giving Dylan a chance this time. He admired his kite in the air as it fluttered in the wind like a butterfly, he loved it! His eyes glowed as his kite flew higher and higher into the sky creating a shadow over his head. He laughed as the kite tugged on the string, trying to escape. Then it happened, Brandon tripped and crashed into Dylan, both their kites hit the ground. The glow in Dylan's eyes was replaced with a new glow, he was crying. He screamed as he saw the kite dead on the floor.Dylan, He didn't mean to, it was an accident I said as I watched him look at his brother, with horror in his eyes. He began to come down and persisted to wipe the tears from his eyes, as Brandon apologized over and over again.

Picture time the grownups yelled as Dylan told Brandon it was okay they smiled at each other, and all three of us ran over to Michelle and Kathy with our arms outstretched in front of us flying like superheroes. Many pictures were taken of everybody, then came our turn we were feeling very impatient and didn't want to take anymore pictures.

We stood shortest to tallest Michelle and Kathy behind us. The picture was taken. The Grownups looking away, Brandon's arms stretched in front of him like superman, Dylan wiping his eyes. None of us looked at the Camera.
We all Ran off Agreeing that The picture of us was the best picture taken that day. We picked up our kites up and made them come alive and dance in the sky once again.

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on Jun. 2 2011 at 5:19 pm
superpiggy13 SILVER, Madison, New Jersey
7 articles 0 photos 3 comments
please comment this is my first draft, and i want to put it in my story album

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