Aaron Bradley

May 5, 2011
By CorinnApril BRONZE, Mount Holly, New Jersey
CorinnApril BRONZE, Mount Holly, New Jersey
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Ever since I was little, I was always told I would never be good enough, and I was nothing better then a waist if space. Every night for as long as I could remember, up until the age of 14, I wished upon the stars for someone to think otherwise. After years of wishing, my wish finally came true. I got more then I wished for, I found love.
Aaron Bradley was a base drummer in the Burlington City Marching Band. He was also the funniest one in drum line. I always wanted to talk to him, but my friends in Color Guard with me always advised me not to because they herd bad things about him. Knowing this I didn't let my crush go any further. At least at first I didn't.
Aaron would always try to talk to me, but I always blew him off. The first time we talked was the night of our home show. My best friend Caleah was also a drummer, and I were sitting under the bleachers when he caught my eye. Caleah later told me to ask him if he had an answer for her. I didn't know what this meant, but it was an opportunity to talk to him so I took it.
"So your names Aaron right?" I asked. "Uh yeah, your Corinn right?" He answered in a cocky tone. "Yeah it is" I answered. I smiled. He knew my name, wow. His voice, as cocky as it was pulled me in and I didn't understand why. Caleah had a crush on Aaron as well as the other half of the band. She had asked Aaron out a few days before and wanted me to get her answer for her. "Caleah wants your answer" I said and when I started to get lost in his brown eyes he answered me "Tell Caleah no, I'm sorry I like someone else." Those words boomeranged in my head for what felt like days. I snapped back to reality when I felt his hand touch mine. His touch made my heart melt, which caused me to become uneasy. I had to get out of there. "Okay well, I'll talk to you later. Bye!" After saying that i ran back to Caleah to gI've her the bad news.
The rest of the night we exchanged glances, and we ate dinner together. About an hour later, I meet up with Aaron again. He asked me to meet him under the bleachers, so I did. Under those bleachers, Aaron told me he liked me and he has since i was 13. He then explained how he was always too nervous to talk to me because he thought I didn't know who he was. But I did. I gave him my number and went back to the top of the bleachers with the color guard, and watched our home show.
Aaron Bradley liked me. I couldn't believe it I never felt this way before. My heart was skipping beats, I had butterflies, and when ever I saw Aaron or got near him my day would brighten up, and id be instantly happy. These feelings confused me. I didn't get feelings for or grow close to anyone this fast. It was strange to me, and extremely different. These feelings scared me.
Aaron and I soon became very close. He was my best friend. We were two peas in a pod. Not only was he one of the only people I could trust, he was the only one I actually wanted to trust. He was the only one i could ever go to when i was in need. In fact he was my only best friend.
On October 4, 2008, during practice I told my friend Nikki how much I liked Aaron, and within 45 seconds he knew. Nikki told Aaron everything I told her. I was so embarrassed. I hid behind a tree for 10 minutes, but it felt like so much longer. Right before we went onto the field to start practice, Aaron walked up to me. Our eyes meet and my heart stopped. I wanted to keep walking but my heart wouldn't let me. Aaron said "So Nikki told me everything." He paused. "Will you go out with me? " I said "Sure" and awkwardly walked away from him on the field.
For the remainder of practice the words "will you go out with me" echoed in my head. My heart felt like air, and my smile was 20 yards wide. On October 4, 2008 I found happiness, a friend and love. Something I've never experienced, felt, or had before. No one is not good enough and people aren't waists of time and space. Were beautiful the way we are, and we will all find happiness and love. No one will ever be alone if we all just open up our hearts.

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