May 4, 2011
By Dante_Aleman GOLD, Torrington, Wyoming
Dante_Aleman GOLD, Torrington, Wyoming
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I believe that respect is a virtue that needs to go both ways. How can they expect to respect them without any counter respect? I grew up told I need to respect my elders. Well maybe some people don’t deserve respect. I mean I think respect has to go both ways otherwise it’s just give and take.

I get in trouble a lot for disrespectfulness toward teachers and others. But you can’t blame me I was born believing respect needs to go both ways. Ever since I was small I believed that I need respect to give respect. I am a soldier so to speak. I am a soldier who will not give up until the war is won. I am a soldier who will not cease until get respect. I have always believed that respect needs to go both ways otherwise what are the kids going to learn? To always take respect and never give?

When I was about 12 I had a counselor I had to go to and she would not show me any respect none what so ever so I did the same I gave no respect I was not disruptive or anything I just did not give any respect. I expect respect just like everyone else. To me this all falls into equal rights but not for races but for ages. Just because someone is 20 and one is 10 does that mean the 20 year old deserves any more respect than the 10 year old? We are all the same in every way, shape, and form so should children be treated with any less respect than adults?
There are a lot of ways to earn my respect but not helping me and turning your back is one of the ways to get the cold shoulder. It is just like mimic games if you are respectful to me I will be respectful back but if you are cruel and heartless expect the same. I lock up most of my comments and opinions because even if I don’t respect you that doesn’t mean I will exploit you. But some people just don’t deserve my respect. It’s one sentence but the meaning to it is like a sucker punch to the gut…
I don’t think that someone should get any less respect than anyone else so if I get no respect but you do then that is going against my belief and I would die for my beliefs so I just try and level the respect field nothing personal it’s just my belief.
You know I have gotten detentions and suspensions because of lack of respect for others but since I can’t actually fight for my beliefs I just have to show no fear and prove I am willing to do anything to keep hold on my beliefs. If I show fear and fall into the countless line of children who are forced to respect everyone what will I have to show for myself? I don’t mean any disrespect but I just won’t anyone get any more respect than the respecter. And this is what I believe and I won’t let anyone tell me that I cannot believe this.

The author's comments:
Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can and cannot believe.

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