The Case of the Exploding Cigarette

May 4, 2011
By Wikialex BRONZE, Dublin, California
Wikialex BRONZE, Dublin, California
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One time when my family was driving home from a Thanksgiving Party my dad told my brother and me a story from when he was growing up in Greece, “The Case of The Exploding Cigarette”…
One day after I had gotten home from school and finished all my homework, I was playing around with these triangle packets of gunpowder that I had gotten from a magic shop, when I noticed my older sister’s purse on the kitchen table.
I looked at the tiny packets of gunpowder in my hand and back at the purse, I couldn’t resist. I dug out her packet of cigarettes. When I was done with the packet of cigarettes, each cigarette had a triangle packet of gunpowder in it.
The next day my sister and I went to the outdoor movies, during the show she decided to light a cigarette, whoosh, the cigarette burst into flame and, bang, the flame reached the gunpowder setting off a tiny explosion.
After the bang, my sister just relit the same cigarette cursing me under her breath, thinking, that, if the little monkey messed with this one, he had probably messed with all of them, therefore making this cigarette the safest. Imagine her surprise when, it exploded a second time; I had put two triangles of gunpowder in that one.
As she was relighting the cigarette again, she turned to me and said, “You didn’t happened to put a third one in there, did you?”

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