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April 27, 2011
High Elves are elves of the oldest races. They are not small like the “elves” of today but are 6 ½ ft. tall. They are well-trained warriors and are very fast; together they make the perfect army. They also are well-disciplined warriors and know when and when not to talk. They are by far the best army in all of the collections.
Warhammer are models that people glue together to battle with dice. Now one of my friends down my street and his brother have the Greenskin and Dwarf armies. Once time my family went over for a celebration and I saw the armies and I inquired. So to learned I went and battled Bryce using his brothers Dwarf army. Soon I was told there were more armies and my mind exploded with questions.
So it came to be that my friend invited me for another battle. When we were half way through I saw this magazine and it had dragons on it. So I looked inside and saw all of these units. I read the battle inside of this magazine and I saw the goblins and orcs get pulverized by the High Elves. So I told my friend I was going to build a High Elf and left to get some.
When I got to Games-Workshop (WarhammerSeller) I bought the unit of spearmen. When I was walking out I heard of someone with a Dark Elf army. I filed that info into my brain to talk to her later. When I got home I build the unit of sixteen spearmen three at a time. I painted one and said, “I am NOT painting another one of these, just spray paint them.
I decided to get more units for my army because one is not enough. I found the Sword Masters of Hoeth an elite of the elite army. Then I saw in the rulebook Teclis the world’s greatest magic user and found him and bought him. I thought I needed artillery so I got a Repeater Bolt Thrower and sixteen archers. Lastly I thought I needed a cavalry so I bought the second best cavalry the Silver Helms.
I will now tell you of the relations of the High Elves to other races. They hate the Dark Elves because their leader was slain by the leader of the Dark Elves, The Witch King. The greatest mage of the High Elves taught magic to the Empire. In a much-heated battle one of the Dwarves had fought the Phoenix King and took his crown after slaying him. The much-hated demons of CHAOS killed the best Phoenix King ever, but only because of a wound that was opened before the Greater Demon Burgle died of the king’s great dragon.
Finally we come to a conclusion that High Elves are the best warhammer army ever. I hope in the future they make a Phoenix King Anerion model because even he is better than Tyrion. That is saying something because Tyrion is the best fighter for the High Elves. There is a new warhammer boxed set that came out and the High Elves star in it. On the twenty-third there is a battle across the globe that takes place and anyone with the right army (I) can battle in it. I will make the High Elves proud.

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