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April 22, 2011
By Anonymous


My most embarrassing moment happened on a snowy day in December of last year. I was skiing with my friends and we were skiing down an easy run. I took a sharp turn, caught my edge and fell on my face and slid down the whole side of the mountain. It was super embarrassing. My friends all started to laugh and make fun of me and I kind of did too. It was funny that I fell for no reason so I had nothing to be mad about.

Another really embarrassing thing that happened, was when I was only five. My parents were having a huge house party and every man there, (including my dad,) had a suit on. Now I had to tell my dad something really important so I walked up to the man I thought was him and tugged on his sleeve. Guess what, It wasn’t my dad! I ran away and tugged on what was definitely my dad’s sleeve, but it wasn’t him either! I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in for the remainder of the party because I was so embarrassed.

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