A Day of HIM by HIM

February 15, 2011
Today in creative writing class we started off with the word LOVE. I was looking through TeenInk, a magazine we read in class, and I heard my teacher say the word HIM in a manner that I did not recognize. Interrupting the conversation to the class, I asked if it was HIM like HIM and held up the necklace that I charm around my neck.

During the years of school, since the sixth grade, I have practically worshiped the voice of Ville Valo and the melodic flow of music that sometimes would come from the black of my speakers.

There are only certain moments where I will pull the CD out and listen to the music that I once had a crush on. Being the mixed up person that I am I appreciate a lot of music; especially now that I have grown up a bit and noticed the difference and the variety in life.

The necklace that I wear today is different from the ones that I wore in the past. In sixth grade I rocked a purple guitar pick with a heartagram and the word HIM written so perfectly beneath the symbol. Now I use it as a keychain on my keys.

When I attended Simpson Academy, SGT. Perry had taken away a black guitar pick with the same heartagram symbol as the one before. I never saw that necklace again, but in one of my school photos the necklace hangs from my neck.

The most recent necklace that I wear today was bought when I was with Jordynn, Joshua, and Jordynn’s daddy.

It was October 18, 2010 and I was a different person from when I used to wear HIM. I said that the necklace would remind me of my past self. Joshua had made a comment. He said that you are not supposed to do the things you have done in the past. But ended saying that I was the only girl he knew who sported HIM. That was a compliment for me. I thought HIM was lost from the lives of others, but seeing and hearing the word today has changed my outlook once again.

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