Holly The Heart Eater (The true story)

April 6, 2011
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It started off like any other day. I got up, got dressed, and watched TV. Seven-twenty came and I went out the door and headed to school. School was boring like always. I had the same classes in the same order every day.

First hour was lame and boring like always. All we did was make a cheat sheet for the test Tuesday. I talked, texted, and did my cheat sheet just so I could pass the test. The bell rang and I was out the door going to my second hour class that was on the third floor. But there was a bright side to that and that was that my third hour class was my favorite class.

I walked into class, sat down, and talked to my friends. When the bell rang the teacher walked in and said, “The end of the quarter is Friday so make sure you have your check off sheet done.” I had mine done so I sat there and helped my friends Holly and Lacy think of stuff to write. Lacy decided she would sit there and talk to her friend Saydie about what stupid thing Saydie has done even though she was not done with her check off sheet. Holly, on the other hand, worked on a story called “Megan” and also talked some. When the bell rang, I was off to my third hour class, which was Psychology.

In Psychology we took a quiz over the brain parts, the lobes of the brain, and
neurons. I failed with an eight out of sixteen because I couldn’t remember some of them. After the quiz we were to make a model of the brain out of playdoh. I worked with Ben who did it all because he thought he was better at it. When the teacher came around and asked what each part was and what it did, I didn’t know because Ben was stupid and did everything himself. When class was over, I was happy because I was tired of working with Ben for the day.

My fourth hour class was o.k., but I had nothing to do so I started to write a story. I didn’t know what to call it so I left it untitled. It was going to be about this guy who got locked in an old house by a girl who liked him and had no way out. He was hungry and went to look for food and found a soup can and opened it and found money inside. But that was all I had written. The bell rang and I lost interest in my story because I didn’t know where it was going so I threw it away and went to lunch.

Lunch went by fast and then I had to go to Drawing & Water coloring. In there we were working on a self-portrait. Mine looked terrible and I wanted to burn it. Class seemed to take forever to end, but I wanted it to end. Clean up time came and I washed my table then sat down and waited for the bell to ring. I was ready for that class to end. Really I was ready for the rest of the day to fly by. The bell finally rang and I was off to English on the third floor.
English class was boring because all we did was read a book called The Scarlet Letter. That book is so boring and I can’t wait for it to be over. We only had two chapters left then we would be done with the book. YAY! Class finally ended and I was glad. I then headed to my seventh hour class.

In Geometry we did nothing fun. We did boring homework and listened to the teacher talk. I hated that class. I wanted it to be over right when it started. I sat there listening and watching Chelsey draw. The class finally ended and I ran for the door to get out of that boring class. I ran to the stairs even though I didn’t want to go to PE.

In PE that was when my day got good. We walked outside and I talked to friends and ate sweethearts. Savanna, Holly, and Promise kept on asking me for some. I gave them some and they keep on asking for more. I then asked Holly to marry me and she laughed in my face and ate my heart.

She said my heart tasted good. She chewed and chomped on my heart until there was nothing left, not even tiny pieces. I was without a heart (Not really otherwise I would be dead). Holly is a heartless woman and friend. I still love her, though. She may be mean at times but she is still my friend. I will just have to adopt her as my sister.

School was over and I went home and put on facebook, “ I asked Holly to marry me, but she ate my heart.” Then my mom commented on it saying, “What? You’re a confusing son. I love ya, though.” I replied, “I love ya too.” No one else commented on it yet and I kind of don’t know if anyone else is going to.

I still can’t believe Holly ate my heart after I asked her to marry me. It makes me sad and I want to cry because Holly won’t marry me. I am just joking I don’t care that she won’t marry me. Or do I? You will never really know if I care or not, but I know if I do or not. That’s the true story of Holly the heart eater.

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