April 6, 2011
By peenut BRONZE, St Paul, Minnesota
peenut BRONZE, St Paul, Minnesota
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It's funny how you can walk in to a room and tell some thing is different from when you walked in to it 2 week's ago. I fell strong for him when I said hello just by those few words i felt butterfly's. Just being able to sit next to on the bus made me feel like I was on top of the world until my friend said she liked you that brought tears to my eyes. She asked me to talk to you for her I said sure why not that's what friends are for so I did it got you guys together.
Just knowing she had you and I didn't just made me not wanna talk to but when you guys broke up 2 weeks later i asked what happened you said i didn't like her and that's were the butterfly's came back some were in my heart told me to not give up.
Valentines day came and I was at the mall just walking around with my mom and i got a call from you i stepped away from her and took the call...
Caleb: Will you go out with me?!
Me:Uhh.. yea I will :)
Caleb :great well happy valentines day babe
Me:thanks you to see you Monday talk to you later?
Caleb:yea bye
I looked like a red pepper my mom asked Me what happened i told her that i have a boyfriend she was happy for and I was to. My friend wasn't to happy when I told her that i was dating her ex but i wasn't going to lose her and him so i tried to keep a relationship with both people.
months go by and we become friends and me him are still going strong the day that made cry is when he said I love you babe that just made me so happy because i felt the same way to. We became so close and just knowing he was there to make every thing better and make me smile he was the very first guy I loved.
When I got to high school things started to fall slowly i didn't wanna lose him he meant the world to me. Valentines day came and we talked all day like we do every day and when he got of the the phone he said the words he said every day I love you baby but when he said them it didn't feel true.
months go by and i found out he had another girlfriend i didn't understand he never broke up with me that broke my heart i had a violin concert that night but the tears kept coming down he called me that night and told me that he was sorry but he couldn't be with me any more. I told him that he was just gonna let a year and 5 months go down like that all he could say was I'm sorry and that he loved me, this isn't love i have to go..
I cried for days but that didn't change how i felt about him. I told myself just hold you hold your head up and you can get through this and I did
A year later i got a phone call..
?:Hey its caleb
Caleb: Happy valentines day
Me:I have to go
just couldn't do it talk to him he brought so much to my heart i mean i just couldn't .
We still talk every now and then i still love him but now he moved on and his happy and I am to just to now that he's happy but god brings you some one when your not looking for them and he did and I'm happy to know he treats me like I'm his every thing just like you did and I thank god for bringing him in to my life.

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