Sister Act

April 4, 2011
T-Minus 5 Minutes
Looking in the mirror, I scowled. Then smiled, and pouted, and blew a kiss to myself. Then my true feelings stared back at me; a worried expression filled with doubt and wonder. Today was the day. Who would notice if I was in class instead of the girl who was there every other day? Glancing in the mirror one last time, slammed my locker shut and turned around. It was now or never.

Mod 1:
Walking down the hall, I keep my head down to avoid eye contact. They know. They have to. Look! I’m not who you think I am! Can’t you see? Apparently, nobody does. Walking into her first class, I start walking towards my actual seat, before realizing what I was doing. Close call! This clearly isn’t a day to walk around in a half daze until fifth mod.
The class is beginning to fill up with unfamiliar faces. Who are these people? Does she know them? Should I talk? Well…..
“Oh hey! I can’t wait till break either!”
“ My favorite movie? When I was little, I loved ‘The Parent Trap’. Casey, I MEAN ANNA! and I always wanted to do that! Ermmm..”
I can’t believe it! I didn’t even last fifteen minutes! This is horrible. It can’t get any worse!
“Yeah, we did. Shh! Don’t tell!”

Mod 2
“So cosine feta over sine feta is equal to cotangent feta. Cotangent feta is also equivalent to…”
Is she even speaking English? Please, just don’t call on me, DON’T CALL ON ME!
“Umm, secant delta squared? No? Ohh, okay I understand now.”

Mod 4
“Hey Anna, why are you here?”
Yes! Finally! Somebody noticed! Did it really take this long for somebody to realize we switched? Trying to conceal my smile, I stare blankly at my friend, whom I’ve known since pre-school, and simply say
“What are you talking about? I’m Casey.”
Giving her a quick wink to let her in on the plan, I turn swiftly around, and pretend like nothing happened.

Mod 6
I’m not as hesitant as I was earlier. So what if they find out? Jokes on them! Actually, this plan is falling into place perfectly. I don’t know why, but I’m kind of disappointed that only one person has figured it out so far. One person? Really?! We can’t look that much alike. We’re two completely different people! I start to talk freely to everyone around, almost forgetting the task at hand.
“Casey? Casey Cuthbert? Oh there you are.”
“Sorry. Here!”
I can’t keep forgetting, that’s my name now!

Mod 7
Lunch time. It will probably be the hardest part of today. I don’t know these people like she does. For all I know, she’s a completely different person here!
“Hey Casey! Guess what? I can finally tell you apart from Anna!
Gulp. “Really?”
“Yeah! You look so different from her! Now I’ll be able to tell if you ever switch places!”
Who is this? Tweedle Dumbs’ cousin IT? She’s dead serious right now too! You’ve got to be kidding me!
“Funny story about that actually…”

Mod 8
Okay, I can tell a few more people know now. Actually, more than a few. How do I know? Just a couple people screaming out not-so-discreetly “Oh my God!”, “Did you really?”, “ANNA?!”, or even the really obvious wink the Grandpa you see twice a year gives you. Clearly, secrets don’t stay secret for long. This should be interesting.

Mod 9
I never thought about what I’d learn from switching places today. It would just be something fun to do. But now that I think about it, it was really more than that. Who would actually notice that I was there? Before, whenever people asked me how I like being this special, chosen person, I had no idea how to answer. Now I do. Imagine this; Walking into a room with all of your peers you’ve known since grade school, and only a few know your first name. It’s pathetic, pitiful! I could say that I’m used to it, which I am. But does that make it okay? No! That’s just a day in the life of an identical twin.

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