Abby's Savior

April 4, 2011
By Anonymous

Staying out late is always fun. That is until it gets out of control. Unfortunately for my best friend Abby, she let drugs take over and control her life. In the summer before starting high school, she started smoking pot. At first it seemed like a harmless “drug”. Although when it started to become a habit, Abby was a completely different person. There were times were she would wake up in the morning and the first thing she would think about was finding a way to smoke. After about half a year she didn’t even enjoy the feeling of being stoned, because of smoking so much. The world just seemed depressing and dull in her mind. That attitude showed in her grades. She barely tried to excel in any of her classes. The feeling of being concern about anyone but herself was foreign to her.

Since smoking stopped exciting Abby, she planned on switching her drug of choice. She had many offers to try pills but declined because of how scared she was at the time. In May of last year Abby thought she had a real boyfriend. His names was Josh. He liked to smoke, so did she. So in her mind Abby and Josh were perfect for each other. Eventually she found out marijuana wasn’t the only drug of choice Josh had. He was what you would call a “Roxy head”. He would take Roxy’s (artificial heroin), on a daily basis. When Abby was told about this she couldn’t believe him until she saw him do it in front of her. He took two little blue pills out and explained to her what it was, and how good and care free it makes you feel. This got her interested and she wanted to try it. So he took each of the pills in two separate papers and started to crush it. The little blue pill was now blue dust. Josh made two separate lies for the both of them and she slowly approached it then inhaled it through her nostril. I remember Abby calling me after she left her boyfriends house. She sounded smooth and in some other kind of world. She described the way she felt as alive and happy. Although she felt this way, It made me feel weird hearing this from her. My best friend doing drugs? That did not sound right to me.

Later Abby and Josh broke up because she tried ecstasy with one of her guy family friends. Since the trust they had was not strong Josh didn’t believe her and just pictured her as a crack head. Quickly she moved on. Abby’s mind was set on one thing, experimenting with drugs. She was willing to try anything. So she began talking to the right people and went to the right places to do so. Abby would get in trouble from her parents constantly. From ignoring their calls to just showing up in the next morning. Slowly they caught on to what she was doing, and stopped giving her money. Luckily for Abby, her friends would share with no charge. After about two months she was just out of control. Anything bad that has happened before was nothing compared to what she has done during the last two months of these habits.

Abby was so desperate to get high that she would make out with guys just because she knew she would get something out of it. She would steal money from her parents and etc. This went on until the end of summer, when she was basically wrapping up her crazy actions. She met someone. His name was Alex and this boy was the last person she would expect to fall in love with her, since she knew Alex was a player. When she heard of Alex’s heartless actions towards girls she wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine. Although Abby heard that Alex has tried drugs before, this made her interested in seeing him a little. So when they first met in person she had her guard up completely. She did not believe a word Alex said to her. After about a week of them being together Alex knew almost everything about Abby. So he was aware of her drug problem. Everyday they got together they always smoked, Alex thought this was okay because he was slowly getting her away from pills. After about a two week of them being together Abby saw Alex actually had feelings for her. Even when she had her guard up she wanted it to slowly knock down. Alex basically broke it down. He did everything and anything to prove his love for her. Alex truly cared about Abby so he saw her everyday because he enjoyed seeing her, but also to make sure she was away from drugs. So for six months she has not touched one pill. After four months they promised each other to quit smoking pot, because it hit them that weed wasn’t making their life’s any better. After stopping everything her parents trusted her again and she excelled in all of her classes. She is so thankful for Alex coming into her life for what he has done, and for just being a real person. Till this day they are still together, clean and happy.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece so that teenagers will know that there is absolutely no good outcome from taking drugs, and to share a past experience.

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im srry about ur friend. but its still a really good peice of writing!!


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