This one's for the girls

April 2, 2011
By Menie7 GOLD, Toa Alta, Other
Menie7 GOLD, Toa Alta, Other
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Today I did something pretty new: I attended a ten year old’s birthday party. The theme was ” Spa Day at the Chrystal’s”, so I spent the full three hours I was there painting nails, and eating pizza! Why on Earth was I in this party while the chemistry lab assignments, waiting quietly in my room, laughed at me in the face? I was hired by the mother who hosted this party, who works in Iowa State, to do exactly just as I mentioned. I wasn’t goint to say no of course! What hurts to spend a saturday evening digging through boxes of nail polish, eating M&M’s, and crooning to Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA?

I’m such a freaking girly girl. I’m not even going to lie to you; I love this. It so happens, girls and boys, that when you turn 18 and you attend college, you completely leave pretty much your childhood behind. It’s so extreme that I sometime look at babies I’ve seen occasionally while walking through campus with blatant wonderment. You sort of get used to being with adults all the time, to being a grown-up. After a while you’re deep in sarcasms, intellectual conversations, coffee with friends, and drunken parties (Disclaimer: I don’t drink.) You forget about how lovely it is to be around people younger than you because although people can argue that there’s nothing all that interesting about them, there is! There’s nothing they can say or do that can ever degrade you. You are a role-model, you are looked up to by these youngster in every way possible. So on the contrary, everything they do or they say, makes you feel marvelous and smart that you know so much more about life than they do, and you almost want to tell them “Wait for it, whatever you’re thinking now about how gross kisses are, it’ll change!” After all, you can remember youserlf and how you were, it hasn’t been that long a decade. :)

So there’s a couple of reasons why I loved this, obviously, since I’m writing about it! First, I was in a home. It doesn’t matter if it was not mine; it’s incredible to see the dynamics inside a home that’s not yours but is so warm. Second, I hung out with a group of 12 wonderful girls who made me dizzy picking what kind of nail color they wanted, and what kind of stickers to top it off, who sung out loud to ” This is for the girls” by Martina McBride, and almost made me cry of laughter at the sight! Throughout the night I observed so much dynamics in those friendships, and it’s amazing to ponder on what kind of people these girls will be when they grow up. Maybe those soft faces will not see many tears, maybe others will, maybe some of them will fall in love, others won’t, and maybe some of them will realize innoncence is not something you get back. It’s one of those thing you lose, and when you do, you are a changed person forever. I just hope that when they do figure this out, they still remain true to those dancing girls in the polka-dot pajamas.

To finish off, I uploaded ” This one’s for the girls” by Martina McBride. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t understand how touching it is until you see girls actually singing their lungs out, and in that moment, nothing can touch them; life’s perfect.

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