Lay your head next to mine baby.

April 11, 2011
i lay, inches from his face. he’s beautiful. i meet his eyes, and for a second, nothing else matters. the world is at peace. the world is happy. i am happy. i'm completely aware of the other people in the room, yet, they could leave and i wouldn’t realize it. the house could shatter and if his eyes never left mine, i wouldn’t know it. iloveyou; this thought beats like a heart against my chest. i want to separate my lips an inch and whisper these three words, and i know you'd whisper them back. in this precise moment, it all matters, because right now, somehow we are connected. i can feel his every breath, his every heartbeat. then, in that same moment, my true feelings surround me. i tell and tell myself over and over, i know that i’m in love with this boy beside me. i know that i would choose to be with him over anyone else in this entire world. And i know that more than anything, more than sanity, more than health, more than peace, i know he loves me back and chooses to be with me just as much.

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