The Good, Bad, and Ugly, of My School

March 31, 2011
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The goods of my school... well let’s see some good things are that we have a lot more responsibility, and the teachers are very good, and for the most part it is more relaxed. We also are getting ever so slightly more mature but like I said just slightly, I also think that people are coming into their own more and we are seeing who people are really are.

The bad things are some of things people are getting into are not the best things they should be doing. Some other bad things are that the halls are so small and we have to share lockers, which I hate.

Some ugly things are that we don’t have a stricter personal space policy, I am so sick of seeing people hugging each other it bugs me so much. And it also spreads germs I think that everyone should be a good foot away from each other at all times. Another thing that is ugly is the amount of people that drink and do drugs both of which I cannot stand and look down on severely.

But all in all we are fairly lucky and we are a partly good bunch of children. As for the adults it is the same and I do think we have a fairly good staff, and I do appreciate the relaxed atmosphere that it brings as well as the knowledge of growing up. I just hope that we will all be able to be much more mature in the future.

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