The rainy day that I fell on my face

March 31, 2011
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It was a rainy day in the salt lake valley. I was going to salt lake with my father to get his drivers license renewed. We were getting out of the car and I smelled that earthy smell that comes before and after it rains. We walked in to a building with a somewhat modern design. However the buildings manager had neglected the fact that the floors were tile and had a slipping hazard. We were careful at first and cautiously walked to the line.

I knew it would take awhile to get the through the line just by the expressions of the peoples faces. I was still ecstatic though my father had promised to take me to 7 11 after we were done. I had thought that it would be quick and we would just get in then out, but no, we had to wait in line for at least a hour.

I decided that my father had lied to me, and started to whine. I saw a vending machine on the other side of the room and kept on pestering him to give me money. My father finally gave in to my demands and gave me a dollar.

I sprinted over to the vending machine with glee and bought my self a bag of Skittles. I immediately opened the bag and started to run to my father, I had forgotten all about the wet floors, and about half way there my right foot caught up with reality and slipped right out from under me. My Skittles spilled and I started to cry and ran over to my dad, or who I thought was my dad, it ended up to be another guy with the same color jeans. I looked up and started to back up calling for my dad. He was right behind me almost to the front of the line waiting for me.

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