March 31, 2011
Pizza! I love Pizza! I it is a yummy delicious food with many flavors. Their are also many places to get pizza. Pizza may have started as an Italian food, but us Americans have “Americanized” it. I will tell you why I love pizza.
I worship Pizza because it is so simple to get. It is not simple to make though. You can get it in about every town. You can get it from the store, pizza parlor, or make it yourself. My favorite is definitely from pizza parlors. My favorite place to get pizza right now is Papa John’s. Although I haven’t been to Dominos for a while. That’s were I get my pizza and it’s many flavors.
Pizza comes in many colors, or flavors, or whatever! Their are so many types of pizza. Some “common” types are, cheese, pepperoni, supreme, Hawaiian, and vegetarian. My favorite is supreme. It has EVERYTHING! That are some flavors of the magnificent pizza.
Magnificent pizzas are adored by the majority of Americans (I have not reassured it. It is just an educated guess back by observation). Pizzas are in most cities, towns, stores, cat food stores, and restaurants. The pizza we devour is very American. Their are many different types of pizzas. I learned from pizza that it is very yummy. Pizza also shows that Americans are just combination of so many different ethnicities. That is showed by our changing of pizza.  

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flyingpinkgiraffes This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 18, 2011 at 9:00 pm
i love pizza!
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