March 31, 2011
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One week a year, maybe two, you can see the firefly dances. The last week of August, sometimes the first week of September, they come out. You can see them out your window glittering in the moonlight. They make their beautiful dances among the sky and the wind. They float, never bumping one another, and appear here and there against the night sky as they weave their light pattern. But the best place to see the fireflies is down at the creek. At night, with the moonbeams coming down through the branches of the trees, the fireflies dance over the water and through the grasses. Their shimmering lights float through the trees and reflect themselves in the creek. Those who are lucky enough to see the fireflies, usually only see them out their window; but some, those who know the fireflies and where the dance, can see them in their most elegant state. There are a few, a very few, who can see them by the creek and still go back to sleep in their own beds knowing the fireflies are having their celebrations. There are still fewer though, who can still see them even as their eyes close. They can see them, shining and flashing, over the water and in the air. I am one of those people. One time I was privileged enough to do just that. I fell asleep in the firefly's wonderful pattern of light.

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