That Big Cow

March 31, 2011
By Anonymous

“Louder louder, And we'll run for our lives, I can hardly speak. I understand Why you can't raise your voice to say.”

(From “Run” by Snow Patrol)

“I think that’s the bull!” she said.
“No, it’s too small. And, it wouldn’t be standing there like that if it was.”
“It’s looking at us.”
“Okay, run.”

She ran, I didn’t. She fell, I didn’t. I laughed, she didn’t.
Then we stopped, and that’s when I turned around.

It ran, we ran.

The bull was behind us, but we made it over the fence just in time. We grabbed our bikes and, without a word, scrambled up the driveway. Our hearts were pounding. Finally, when we arrived at my house, we both took a deep breath and turned around as if the bull was still charging us. It wasn’t.

We told the story to everyone and everything we could possibly find in my house. We even explained the scene to the dog, who was actually there to experience it all. Lolo and I felt brave, and now had a new story to tell, which I’m telling now. I’ll never forget the moment when Lolo fell in the huge cow pie as she was running in fear. I learned that when you see a large cow running after you, it’s probably a bull.

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