March 29, 2011
By Anonymous

I cried day in and day out for you. I couldnt look at you in the halls or even speak of your name. It killed me to know that I was taken by a player far away and know that a caring guy was right there in front of me. The day I relized you were the one for me was probably the day I relized I was gonna be destroyed once more. I fell for you like you were my best friend. I would look in your eyes and melt inside and out. Then you would smile and shock my heart. It hurt everyday to know I was in love with you and not admit it. When we finally got back together everything was fine. Till the day your little friend came back into the picture, you left me for him, you left me for your truck, money, drugs, and sex. I tried to tell you that I was getting hurt everyday knowing you were doing this to me, but you wouldnt listen. So what made you think you could tell me that you promise to stay with me forever? Then turn around and say I need to lose weight, to grow up, and that its all my fault you want to die??? I was dumb once again and stayed with you. What makes you say Im sorry and I promise to stay with you forever and ever and then again for the second and get in my face snap your fingers like your all that??? Then tell me to get a life and to get one with less fat on my body??? I cant take it anymore with you Im done with this I deserve better than this but yet I cant seem to let you go. How can you treat a girl so bad but yet have her wrapped around your finger like string and add a bow to make people think we are happy??? How can you sit there and do nothing when she tells you its the end of her life and the time has come for her to go??? What were we in the first place? Were we just together so you could say you can get a girl or was it just for using??? Look at everyone else they are happy and enjoying life but then look at us thats not happening... You said you promise did you really mean that or did you just want to lock me up inside??? What were we really???

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