Still Standing

March 28, 2011
Manipulative, that’s what you are. You want everyone to feel bad for you, for what? self-piety you say you’re sick mentally depressed gets to the point where you say you want to kill yourself . Yeah I am sick too, sick of you of your lies. I may be young but you can’t fool me no more. I used to look up to you. Your just a piety. You know what’s illegal, crack is illegal It’s also illegal to call someone you have a restraining order against, so stop calling. Stop acting like you care. You don’t care about anyone but yourself. I fake a smile, but every night I cry; you know why because of you. I have seen so much for my age prostitutes, drugs, guns, knives, yells and I have seen enough, I had enough. When are you going to grow up? When are you going to say you’re sorry? When am I going to forgive? Those days you where jail you said you saw the light. But you have no light in you. You have ruined every child memory I could imagine from burning down the Christmas tree, and kicking my sister out the house when she was just 17. Am good, I have not done anything wrong. Well I have now that I think of it. I have done alot and this is what I get? But one day I well be better than you because I have faith and it’s too late for you.

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