March 31, 2011
By Max Johansen BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Max Johansen BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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A time I was scarred was when I walked into a table. It had rounded corners and no sharp edges, but it was at the exact height of my forehead. I was running and didn’t see it, and smacked my head right into the bottom right corner. I was seeing stars for a couple of seconds, then I felt a warm gush on my head.

I put my hand up to see what it was and it came back covered in blood. Blood was in my hair, eyes, ears, and nose. I was beginning to feel lightheaded when my mom walked in.

She asked me what on earth had happened, and I told her I didn’t know. We had to rush to the ER and they glued my head back together. Since then, that scar has dissapeared, but I have been weary of tables ever since.

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