The Days of the Summer

March 30, 2011
By Swello BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Swello BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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The days of the summer, not knowing what was in store for me, I awakened ready and excited. This was my third year visiting my aunt that lived in Waldorf, Maryland. I'd been visiting my aunt since I was about 6 years old. I had made a lot of friends my first 2 years visiting my aunt. Everyday I would go outside to play with my friends, but one day was the best day ever. At noon, my friends and I went to the pond that was nearby. It was located about 2 or 3 blocks away from my aunt’s house. Across the pond was a factory that made steel and metal pipes for construction. Being young and not really knowing any better we decided to cross this dangerous pond. It was 2 cement blocks on each side of the pond. We each decided to leap over the pond from block to block since the pond wasn't that wide. 3 of my friends got across and it was still me and another friend of mine left. Since she was a female, I insisted on letting her go first just in case something went wrong, I could have her back. She leaped over and when she made contact with the edge of the cement block she slipped. I quickly went in defense mood and tried to lean over the edge of my side to push her on top of the block. Once my friends and I got her over safely, I still had to find a way over there. So after witnessing my friend almost falling into the pond, I knew I would have to jump a little higher and further than she did. I got a running start to help me out. As I jumped, I realized I jumped too high and not long enough and I slipped at the edge of the cement block too. Only thing was, the part that I slipped on was wet and my hand could get a good grip on it. As I hung from the edge of the block feet dangling, hands slipping, and mind in a feared state, I could help but to think about falling. I felt my friends grab my hands, but I was too scared to let go. My hands were sliding more and more as the seconds past. I figured I only had to choices. Either let go and hope my friends would grab me or keep holding and end up falling into the pond. I finally let go and just let them pull me up. I was happy to have made it to the other cement block safe.

We began to walk around to see what all was on the other side of the pond. It was nothing! So I guess we just jumped over to see if me could get to the other side because we didn't find anything but the factory an some old rusty bicycles. Now we had to figure out how we would get to the other side. We decided that we would pull each other over one by one after we made it to the other side. After we all made it over, we ended up staying and skipping rocks across the pond. Playing games like who can make the rock skip on the water the most and who could throw it the furthest. Then we were on to our next big move was the park. We got to the park and all the girls played jump rope and all the fellas played tackle football. I was always the fastest one out of everybody so most of the time whoever was on my team was just pass or hand it off to me and I would just run. By the time we got done with all this, it was about 4 or 5 o'clock. We usually went in on of the friends’ house and either played video games or played board games. Of course during the course of all these events we ate at multiple some points. So finally got in the house at about 9:30, ate, and relaxed thinking about what the next day had in store for me.

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