World War II

March 30, 2011
By KingMothra GOLD, LaGrangeville, New York
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World War II was one of the worst wars in American History. Many people were killed, and so many more were left wounded and homeless. But what caused this dreadful war, and how did it affect people worldwide? There are so many causes to World War II, but they’ve been narrowed down to three root causes: The Prussian Militarism, Adolf Hitler, and appeasement. The other main cause of World War II was the countries known as the Axis Powers. And what many people want to know is: What happened after the war?

The causes of World War II can be traced back to three root causes. The Prussian Militarism is the force that made Germany so powerful. Germany had been gathering power for many years, and when Hitler became the leader of Germany, he seized control of this power. Adolf Hitler is probably the most well known villain in American History. He was a madman, a political genius, and most importantly, the murderer of over six million Jews. Hitler controlled Germany and founded the group known as the Nazis, hoping to expand Germany and control the world. The final root cause was appeasement. Britain and France could easily have stopped Hitler when he was gathering power. But they wanted no part in war, and were too late to stop him when he rose to power (“The Root Causes of World War 2”).

The other big cause of World War II were the countries known as the Axis Powers, Germany and Japan. Germany and Japan were possibly the only countries that wanted war after their defeat in World War I. The war began in 1939, when Germany invaded and took over Poland. France and most of West Europe also fell to Germany. Japan attacked Asia and Hawaii. They also bombed the most famous harbor in history, Pearl Harbor. Thankfully, the Axis Powers began to lose power after two years of war and death. In 1945, the Axis Powers surrendered and lost all of their power (Connolly 28).

There were many long-term effects of World War II, along with advancements. Some technological advancements were made, including a huge development in drugs, insecticides, synthetic materials and computers. The war increased population by helping to launch marriage into affect and increasing the birth rate. The U.S. became the richest nation in the world. And how can anyone forget the weapon that won the war: the Atomic Bomb. This weapon of raw destruction was used to bomb two major Japanese cities and win the war. However, the destruction it caused made people wonder whether they should have used it or not, and if they should use it in the future (“World War II”)

World War II was a historic event that will never be forgotten. The Axis Powers left no country they went to unscathed. Adolf Hitler left a dent in religion and warfare that can never be removed. And the effects of this terrible crisis, whether they were good or bad, still remain in society today. And all we can do is pray that we don’t get caught in a World War III that will ravage the world as we know it.

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