March 30, 2011
By , Chicago, IL
I answered my phone with the same annoyance as ever. It was Anthony, my best friend’s brother and my ex boyfriend. “What do you want?” I spoke into the phone. We had a bad break-up and I was finally moving on, or at least trying to. “Why didn’t you tell me you we’re stopping by today?” he asked. “What do you mean?” I ask confused. I was just getting home from work and ready to relax. “I just saw J.R. pull off so I know you were here. It would have been nice for you top come and speak to me. I don’t know that was just kind of…rude. Don’t you think?” he asked. “I just got home from work, what are you talking about? What was J.R. doing over your house?” I ask trying to piece together some of the information. “I don’t I just got in, I saw him leaving Kemi’s room. I thought both of you were in there.” He answered slowly. “No... we both wasn’t.” I say. “Look I got to go.” I say quickly before hanging up the phone. ‘What was going on?’ I asked myself. After thinking it over and over in my head I decided to just call my boyfriend J.R. and see what was really going on. “J. R. hey, what’s going on? What were you doing at Kemi’s house earlier today?” I asked. “Hey baby, nothing we were just hanging out.” He answered. “Without me, that’s kind of weird.” I say. “Well you always talk about how you want us to get along and be friends.” He said. “Yeah, I meant I want you guys to tolerate each other when we’re all together. Not go and become besties when I’m not around.” I answer. Although he denied that anything was weird about that he promised not to do it again. I didn’t bother my friend about it and in the end I just dropped it. I decided that I shouldn’t bring unneeded drama into our lives by getting jealous every time he talked to another girl. I should have been smarter. I should have realized that if they got caught this time, then there were other timers when they just hung out alone. And it’s not ok for anyone to just hang out with their friend’s boyfriend. Finally I opened my eyes. My best friend, Kemi, and I were friends since 8th grade, we were always inseparable and we practically lived at each other houses. She was always the one person I could go to for advice, and tell all of my secrets to. We we're like that for years until little things started coming between us. Like other friends, boys, and different goals in life. As we got older we began to develop different views on certain things but we continued to be friends. i didn't notice how different we were until I found out that she had been sleeping with my boyfriend for months. She slipped up by getting pregnant.

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