Parting Ways

March 29, 2011
By Anyalisse PLATINUM, Gering, Nebraska
Anyalisse PLATINUM, Gering, Nebraska
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Hey sis, I have a question. Will you slow down so I can ask it? What happened to us? We used to be inseparable and we would help each other out no matter what. So, what happened and where did that go? I miss you my Sister.
Do you remember the games we used to play back when Dad was in the Marines and Mom wasn't really paying attention? Do you remember the things we used to do together? Every day was a whole new adventure as we carved unique worlds from our surroundings and the dreams flowing from our unstoppable imaginations.
We were orphans, we were pirates, we were mutants, we were cavemen, we were so many things. So, what are we now? I miss you my Sister.
Do you remember when I fell beneath the slushy surface of the lake in North Carolina? The time when we were trying to tie our raft to the dock? It was your idea for me to go out there by the way! I was soaked and had to ride home on my bike next to you. It was pretty far and the ride was mostly silent but when we got home, oh Sister you were so worried about me. I was still worried about you because your fingers had gotten crushed between the raft and the dock, but you said never mind as you started a bath and helped my numb and sluggish hands to peel away my frozen clothes. Then you sat by me as I warmed up and we talked. You even brought me soup. Do you remember that Sister? I do and I'm certain that I always will.
I know that our past is painful and many things went wrong that we didn't fully understand, but still hurt us. So many things that we made it through because of each other. At least I know that I made it because of you. You were my rock. Something strong and steady to hold me from the cruel, white water rushing beneath my feet.
Do you remember Florida Sister? The banana spiders, and hawks, and lizards, and that Alligator Snapping Turtle we caught one day. I've never forgotten that and I don't think that I ever will, but I wonder if you have. You act like it.
We may not have had a mother for a while but we had each other and I thought that that bond between us would always be there. Was I wrong or is it still there somewhere lurking inside you and calling for me? I don't know and I doubt that I ever will.
I cry for you my Sister, because I miss you. My rock is gone and it seems that I cannot hang onto you for support anymore. Why do you turn me away when I am in need of your help? Why do you now think the worst of me? I don't know and I probably never will.
I was wrong to think that you would always be there. I was wrong to think that you would always run to my aid and I was wrong to think that you would push away all those nasty things floating around about me. I'm sorry my Sister.
I am writing this, Dear Sister; though you may never read it, to say goodbye to you. You have already let me go and it is my time now to let you go. I love you my Sister, always know that and I will never forget what we had. I will remember and dream of those days long past. Maybe the memories will bring joy and perhaps they will bring tears, but for now I cry.
I miss you my Sister. The time for us to part ways is now. Goodbye, and God bless. I love you my Sister. My dearest older Sister I miss you, farewell.

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