Change Is Good

March 21, 2011
By StacRayne BRONZE, Draper, Utah
StacRayne BRONZE, Draper, Utah
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The one thing that comes to mind when I learned a moral was the time I had to move from my fun filled Draper house that was the best place to live on earth for a young kid looking for adventure, to the scary cold place I used to look up at saying,” it would really suck to live up there.” That place was Suncrest. When I heard we were going to move up on top of the mountain, I felt like my world just came crashing down on me. I was completely heartbroken. I was not ready to drop my perfect life that I already had and leave it behind. I guess you could say a part of me was the slightest bit excited, but since I loved my life just where I was right now, I was mostly as blue and blue can be. After that one decision, my whole life changed.

It was a hot day in July and the huge yellow moving van that sat there like a statue, was all packed up and ready to go. Now all we had left to do was say goodbye to all our wonderful neighbors that we were just moments away from leaving behind in the neighborhood that seemed like heaven. We weren’t moving all that far, but it was still going to be a very hard to leave and make a fresh new start. When we were saying our goodbyes, it felt like an assembly line of people all saying goodbye to us. The day was just full of hugs and tears. Once we were finally done all six of my family members, including me, all dragged our feet into the car and slowly drove up the street and watched our house as well as a neighbors gradually get smaller. We drove up the curvy road while all of us were trying to stop crying, but knowing that everything was going to be okay and it was not the end of life as we knew it.
Our family had to rent a small townhouse at the bottom of the hill while we waited for our real house in Suncrest to be finished getting built. We finally arrived to our townhouse we were renting. Slowly, we crept onto the small patch of cement that was so called a driveway and just gazed at our new home for the next two years. It was a small town house that was white and tall with red shutters and a red door. The moment I set eyes on the house, I thought to myself,” How in the heck are all six of us going to live in this small house for two years?” Here, right in front of me was standing the house that was going to change everything.

It was now starting to turn into fall and school began to start. I bit my nails the whole car ride to my new school, I was just so nervous to be the new girl for once in my life. I was now in fifth grade, and the moment came to walk into the classroom. I had come a little late to class, so I slowly opened the tall wooden door to my new classroom that I would be coming into for the next year. Slowly and quietly I tiptoed through the metal door way. The moment my teacher asked who I was, the whole entire class turned their heads in perfect unison like they had been practicing it for years. When I saw all the smiling school kids, I felt like a huge weight was just swept off my shoulders. Every single person in that class I could just tell was going to be worth moving for. At first I was like a turtle that was too cold to come out of its shell, but after a few weeks I bloomed like a flower in the spring. I fit in just perfectly there. Before I knew it the school year was over, but once again it was time to change schools. It was just one bad thing after the other for me and my two sisters.
At that point, we were still crammed in the small white town house that was pushed back on the mountain side. But this time we had two new family members living with us, all we needed was a few more bodies in that place, like it wasn’t already crowded enough. The summer quickly came to an end and it was time to start at a whole new school… again. This time I felt a little better about going to a new school, because one of the friends I made from the previous school was going to the brand new school right there along with me. Another thing that comforted me was that it was a new school, and this was the first year it was open, so everyone there was going to be the new kids. I was so nervous that my knees started shacking while I was walking through the freshly painted halls of the new school. I walked through the door thinking that I would feel the exact same way as I did when I went to the first new school that I had to leave recently, but everyone was just as scared as I was. After time went by everyone became close friends and we were all adjusting to the new environment, and our house finally got finished so we were able to move in… after two years of living in a small townhouse with seven other people living right under each other’s noses.

When I first moved I had a really bad attitude toward everything; making new friends, switching schools, not once but twice and having to move away from where I grew up and grew to love and know. In the end I learned more than I ever expected to develop in a life time. No matter how many tears I let soak into my pillow I had to tell myself to get up and smell the roses and to be strong through this that everything happens for a reason. Yes, it was a huge change for all of us, but it was an adventure that we were all going to get through together. Moving into a small three bedroom town house while our house in Suncrest was getting finished, made me appreciate what I had and also made me a lot closer to my family, since we all lived right under each other’s noses. After going through that also made me feel like I could take on the whole world and nothing could ever possibly stop me from what I want to do. If we didn’t move, our lives would be totally different then they are right now. I wouldn’t have met the people I know now, experienced the things that I have and turned into the girl I am now. I know that in the beginning I was very upset and felt like my heart just got ripped from my chest, but now I am so glad that I moved and got the great opportunity to meet all the amazing people that I know and love with all my being today.

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