A Spontaneous Death

March 19, 2011
“Can you please send Aubree down to the office, she’s checking out.” Everyone in the class was asking where I was going; I had no idea where I was going. I didn’t have a dentist appointment or anything like that so what could it be? This had happened before and it was because both of my parents had a heart problem scare causing them to go to the emergency room but each time they had just read something wrong or something like that to where there was nothing wrong with them, so these weren’t a big deal to me, but this wasn’t the feeling I was feeling

As I was sitting there waiting for my parent’s to come and get me I got the worst feeling in my stomach. I called my mom and asked what was going on, she replied, “I will tell you when I and your dad get there.” That confirmed to me that it wasn’t anything wrong with my parents, so what could it be? I sat there for what seemed like forever nervous and freaking out, I had asked God the whole time to help me through whatever this is. As soon as my Dad came into the school, I ran to him and asked what was wrong? He told me to wait till we got to the car. Not knowing what was going on startedd crying because I knew it was bad. We got in the car and I cried “Tell me what’s going on?!” He turned around and told me my Aunt had died that morning. As to where I was crying before startedd crying harder, I couldn’t believe it.
We had to go pick up my younger brother next and when he came out and saw me crying hysterically he got really freaked out and my dad had to tell him that my aunt had died. There was no expression from him he just had this blank stare and didn’t say anything. We then had to make an hour trip to get to my aunt’s house, it was the longest hour of my life all I wanted to see at that moment was my grandma, (My aunt’s mom). I cried hysterically the whole way down I had just lost my best friend that I could talk about anything with. My whole life had just changed forever. I was thinking the whole time, I’m too young to experience death why is this happening to me, why did my aunt have die. All the memories of me and my aunt were flooding through my head causing me to cry harder. As I got to my aunts house everyone was there crying I just sat in the car and cried “this isn’t happening!”

Later I found out that my aunt had died that morning of Monday October 11, 2010 of an asthma attack. Her battle with asthma was over but I didn’t get to say good bye that’s what made me the maddest, is that I didn’t get to say goodbye and that I loved her. I had just talked to her that Thursday on the phone and then that Monday she was gone, I couldn’t believe. It finally hit me that this was all real when we went to the funeral home.

My aunt was so full of life; she never held back she always did what she wanted to do. She knew life was short so she lived like others wish to live their lives. My aunt also always loved every holiday and celebrated them all, so now every holiday or birthday that comes around we think of her wishing that she was there. It has hurt our family that she is gone. It has been a little more than 5 months since she has left us and everyone is still so devastated that she has gone. She was everyone’s rock, she was always nice to everyone, helped everyone, she truly loved everyone, and was always the life of the party. She will be forever missed and will always have a place in our hearts. We love you Bobo

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