Why can't we just pop out babies

March 16, 2011
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From time to time you have one of those immensely interesting conversations with a friend, a family member, or an aquaintance that challenge your whole viewpoint in life. You are left with the hugest epiphany, one of those life-changing moments when you realized something you had never thought of before and hopefully even be as big as to be the beginning of a life-long journey of change in the world. Being optimistic.

Yes, well me and my dear friend Heather had one these cherished moments yesterday night. I was sprawled across her futton and sighed one of those sighs that says “I’m not too happy with my life” while flipping through some pages in my biology book, when a light bulb of bright yellow light was ignited above head. I said ” Do you realize, us humans spend most of our lives doing things we don’t want to do, studying things we don’t care about, to make a living we don’t want to live?

Heather, tying her hair in a ponytail and looking at herself in the mirror, put that look on her face she always puts when considering something of utter importance and said ” Like yeah, things were just so much simpler when you could just obtain a bachelor’s degree and make good money out of it, you know!”

I said: “ I just don’t understand! Women back then just had the life! We married, we just popped out a thousand babies, had friends, and made dinner! What else did we want?


I said: ” We dug ourselves our own grave.”

So, we lost all pride. We realized to wanted to be fully dependent of men. ” Wooptidoo” ( Heather says). Because that seemed like happier times. Life just looked so much simpler, with less broken hearts, much more joy, and much less stress. Youth was the epitome of happiness, filled with more play time and friendships, and with more love to give. [To a thousand babies] Wink.

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