The Gauntlet of Third Grade

March 15, 2011
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It was in the third grade. I had just finished my pizza, and it was time for recess. I went outside to the soccer field to play catch with some fourth and fifth graders, when a bunch of people I did’t know swarmed around me. There was this kid that was just walking nonchalantly towards me. I did’t know what he was going to do, but he was still walking towards me, and then he took off toward me in a dead sprint. There was nothing else I could do but run, so I ran at him with all the power my third grade legs could muster up. We both stopped short of each other by six feet, and then he started to walk away so I turned my back to him. Big mistake on my part, but an even bigger mistake on his. Because I had my eye on him even after I turned my back to him, I knew he would try to spear me any chance he could get. Messing with me was not smart. I did’t even know why he would want to attack me, so the fighting commenced. Somehow before we started I screamed, “The Gauntlet hath been Throweth down come at me if you be man enough.” He charged at me and I ran at him dead on. He kicked at me, so I grabbed his leg and tossed him aside, but he lands on his feet like a cat before he could regain his bearings, my fist landed a very good hit to his jaw and he landed on his back, and did’t get up for a minute or two. Then the teacher told the other kid to get in the school, and I did’t get into trouble but he got three days. After he came back he walked up and said to me, “you fight well for a white kid.” I said to him, “thanks Xavier, I think.” He replied “best buds?” And I say “yup, best buds.” and we have been ever since.

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