Jason, a lost brother

March 7, 2011
I remember being so little, always wondering where you were. I remember us having the same birthday, being 13 years apart. I always asked dad where you were on our birthday, or if you were guna come to the party.. but never did you show. You were my hero but now it feels like your lost. I remember being 7 years old & going to the prison to see you. I didn't understand what was really going on then, I do now. I colored you a picture but you told me you couldn't take it with.. to a 7 year old..that was heartbreaking.

You came home for awhile. You got your head on right. But then you ran away. I guess it was fight or flight. You ended up right back in that old prison once again. I was 11 by now. Sorta understanding, I mean if understanding means knowing your brother loves drugs more than his family.
You were home for almost 2 years..but the beer got the best of you. Looks like were back to square one. Id like to know, how does it feel missing your sister become a teen? How bout your sons first Christmas or Birthday? Or even our brother becoming an adult?
I know where you are.. I know the truth. But when anybody asks.. I just tell them your lost

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