March 7, 2011
By , Park City, UT
A big holiday in my family is Thanksgiving, although we do not celebrate it like normal people do. We tried having everyone at my uncle’s house for it, but it just became too much work. So we tried something completely new and different. We celebrated it with tacos. My uncle had a friend who was a taco vendor. He had a truck and everything. So that year everyone in my huge family, around 50 of us, gathered at my uncle’s house for Thanksgiving. Once everyone got their, we all went outside and ordered tacos. Since it was Thanksgiving we had turkey tacos. This idea caught on really quickly, because with this many people there can be a lot of cleanup after. But there were only disposable plates to throw away. So instead of a thirty minute cleanup we had a five minute cleanup and an extra twenty-five minutes to mingle. This tradition caught on fast and we have done it every year since. Many people think it is strange, but I think that it is cool that we celebrate a very well known holiday so different from everyone else. I hope that other people can learn to get out of their stubborn ways and try something new.

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