March 10, 2011
By Basketball50 BRONZE, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania
Basketball50 BRONZE, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania
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Life Goes On

She brought life to those around her. Made the best out of every situation, and the worst possible situation, she would find a way to smile. This amazing woman was my mother. She was the strongest person I knew; the only one who could lie on a bed in so much pain and make everyone around her smile. She was the inspiration to my life.

The one day I arrived home from school, and she takes my hand and looks me in the eye with a smile tells me she has cervical cancer, but tells me it will be ok. The next three years changed me in so many ways. When she told me it was like I was the one with cancer I sat in my room and cried thinking why her; if the chances are 1 and 40 how was she the 1 in that 40? I felt like every doctor appointment she wasn’t going to come home so I would hide in my room and lock the door, scared to come out. I just felt like the world has gone dark and all my hope was gone. My mom was a different story though she managed to smile daily and made the best out of everything. One memory I will always have of her is the time she lost her hair and all she did was laugh. She was just so much stronger than we all thought. She would hardly ever complain; the only time she would was when she was in absolute pain, which I don’t blame her, I would be cursing the world. She is just the best woman I will ever know.

The treatments she went through only ever made her stronger. She went through chemotherapy and never complained; she was constantly sick to her stomach and throwing up but she still took it like a grain of sand. The constant pain she had she would try her hardest to not say stuff about it around me; she would take everyone’s feelings into consideration not just hers. Even through all the tears that I shed she was the one who would come over, pat me on the back and tell me “everything will be all right I promise”. The biggest hope I had in my head as an eleven year old was hoping the cancer in her cervixes was not too close not to the bone so they could kill the cancer cells without doing serious damage. But it didn’t work out that way before Christmas she had some tests done and they were not able to get all the cancer cells, meaning she would only have less than a year to live. She made those seven months to the fullest never let the cancer slow her down even with a walker and a colostomy bag she still went on like she was never sick. My mom found ways to be life of parties and make everyone laugh and smile even when she just wanted to break down and cry. She was the inspiration that every person looks for.

Then June 26th 2008 she passed away in The Good Samaritan Hospital. What really haunts me is the fact that I wasn’t there to say my final goodbye I was hardly in the same state; I was at a boys camp and the night I didn’t receive a phone call saying everything was ok I knew she was gone. The only thing I really had to keep me going was the fact the last thing I said to her was I love you and I’ll see you later, but only one of those were true. But not to end on a sad note, she was such the greatest role model for me. I mean when you find someone that can literally go through living heck and still smile and inspire as many people as she did don’t ever take them for granted; they will be the ones you will look back on and say they changed my life in so many ways. I mean yeah it was a hard journey and the end of it was the worst, but the outcome of it made a lasting impression on me. It showed me how to live life even when the end looks extremely dark; keep going because life goes on. It amazes me how one person can influence and inspire so many people. My life has changed since she died I hate waking up and not being able to say good morning mom everyday, but I don’t mind waking up feeling like I can do anything because one women had the influence to make everything I do seem so easy. She is my one true hero.

Sometimes bad things happen but I knew someone that could take those bad things and make them into something good. My life would have never been the same without her; she changed me in a way none else could. She is the inspiration to my life and my mother, but mostly my hero.

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