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March 9, 2011
By Emily Mortenson BRONZE, Highland, Utah
Emily Mortenson BRONZE, Highland, Utah
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It was warm, bright summer day in Gilbert, Arizona. The sun shining through the branches of the tall palm trees. This is it. I thought to myself, we are moving. When I first found out that my mom had wanted to take an adventure, leave the Arizona heat and move to Massachusetts. I thought it would be a great idea. I was getting tired of the same routine every day. I thought that moving to Massachusetts was the best thing that would ever happen to me. Boy was I one thing... WRONG.

My first day at Mt. Greylock Regional High School was interesting... I had heard that people didn't care what they looked like there, and usually don't get ready. Dang where they sure were right. Not once did I ever see a girl in a light summer dress, skirt, or even just a cute, nice blouse. And it was like make up was never founded. Though time I made friends with the "popular group" and was accepted. Well that was, until they found out my religion. My friend Alexandra asked, " What religion are you?" "Mormon" I responded. I ended up telling her what we believe and why I don't smoke with the rest of them. She didn't really care but she accepted me for who I was, and what I believed. Well Ben Krant sure didn't.

I started getting called names like "Mormonson," and was not bullied, but got my feelings hurt a lot. Everyone started turning their back toward me because of my religion. Everyone except for Ripley and Eve Chleghorn, who end up being my best friends. They stuck up for me when things got rough, They were there to back me up whenever I was called a name, or shouldered into the lockers; even though it was even affecting their life because they were known as the twin freaks who hang out with that "mormon" girl, they were always right by my side.

It started getting so bad that I almost got into a fight. A full out, she hit me I'm going to hit her back kind of fight. Alyssa had come up to me and said, "Why don't you drink and smoke with the rest of us you freak?" And before I could answer I could feel it. Her dark cold eyes meeting mine. I could hear nothing but the sound of my heavy breathing, and without hesitation she lifted that big bulky arm, and it's like everything when in slow motion from there. It's a good thing I have siblings that try and hit me so with all that practice, I quickly dunked resulting in her hand smashing into the locker, sounding like a watermelon getting dropped from the stairs. I got back up ready to swing back, my adrenalin started kicking in, but Eve and Ripley had come over, just before I could give her one right back, and stopped the fight. Without them I would probably would have swung, smacked her right in the face, broke her nose, and have gotten expelled.

Well things changed from there. Ripley and Eve stayed by my side Ben, and Alyssa got expelled, and everyone started talking to me again, and starting to realize that it was ok to be different. Because it was so hard to live there, and things were happening that shouldn't, we decided to move to Utah, but I will never forget Eve and Ripley, they will be my best friends till the day I die. Everything happens for a reason. Yes that moved affected the person I am today, and I hated living there, but good things can come from bad. If I hadn't had moved there I would have gotten the experience to stand up for what I believe and make the bestest friends anyone could have.

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msn9896 GOLD said...
on Aug. 25 2011 at 9:30 pm
msn9896 GOLD, Billings, Montana
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As an LDS girl, i relate :)



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