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What is a true friend?

By , Downey, CA
Friend when looked up in the dictionary we find it may say someone emotionally close, acquaintance, or ally. But can we actually look up the definition of a true friend in a dictionary or is it somebodies idea of what a true friend really is. In a lifetime a person can have many friends but which ones are true. A friend can be someone you talk to frequently, someone that you have known for a long time, or someone that has given you a hand a couple of times. But when it comes to knowing a true friend we each have an image in our minds. Mine would be someone that is there for you in your lowest of times, would help not judge, would not envy but be proud of an accomplishment, always be there in any way no matter the distance, and have your back 365 days of the year. A true friend is not someone that sees your friendship as a competition to see who is the best, call them-self your best friend without showing any action, judge the smallest thing about you, and isn't sincere. A true friend is the person that acts and thinks like your best friend, is there every step of the way, and if even better loves the same things you do that it makes you seem like twins. That is a true friend.

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