Why Do You Call Me Stupid?

February 15, 2011
They say I’m stupid and that I’m dumb but what do they know. I get B’s and B+’s in every subject but they still say I’m stupid.... WHY? I try to tell them that I get good grades and even tell them my scores but they don’t listen. After awhile you don’t even try and you just take it and laugh along with them when they laugh. I try not to show the hurt on my face and I think it works but one of them sees the pain that none of them do. My best friend, Katrina, she’s always sticking up for saying, “She’s NOT stupid, she’s smart” and I look at her and say, “You don’t have you get use to it after awhile”. She just looks at me with a kind of disbelief kind of look and I just put my head down because I can’t stand to look her in the eye after I say that. Sometimes when I believe them I just get so depressed and break down by just going through my day like a robot and laughing with them. But when I don’t believe them I think to my self, “Just wait, you’ll show them one day when your rich and are in all the newspapers, when you own more than one house, when you can go anywhere in the world, when you have a million clothes, when YOU are and feel beautiful, and when YOU have a husband that loves you for you and would never think of making fun of you. Just wait and you’ll be rewarded for your patience”. I just wish they could see the how smart I am and what I know. Sometimes I don’t get good grades in school but I know things school can’t teach you like for example a cat takes three licks when drinking before it actually swallows the liquid. I know that and they probably don’t. I know all those small but fun facts. I also know other things that in there world they would never learn or know. I know that when you travel to other countries outside those resorts they go to there are dangerous places where people will kill you for five or ten American dollars. I just wish…. isn’t that what’s wrong with the world we just keep wishing and wishing but yet we know that our wishes will NEVER come true. I don’t know if this is just me but I think I’ve given up hope on the “wishing well” because maybe its full or maybe its tired of everybody’s wishes not coming true. One day I swear one day everybody’s wishes WILL come true, including mine. I just hope its before I start permanently believing that I’m stupid because if 89 out of 90 people think I’m stupid why shouldn’t I?

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