That Was Then

February 15, 2011
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As I sit on my back porch on this beautiful warm day, I hear the giggles of little children who are playing on the playground. Only a few yards from where I am, I can feel their emotions surfacing through the air. They sound so happy, so untroubled by life and all the problems it causes. Just imagining the smiles on these children’s faces, I cannot help but wish to be where they are now, let alone be their age. I just want to go back to the time when life was so carefree. Back to when I wasn’t flooded with homework and had time to set aside for myself. I wish to go back to the time when scoring a good grade on the SATs or getting into a good college wasn’t my main goal in life, but rather to meet someone with the same name as me or to get to the back “cool kids” seat of the bus first. I flash back to reality when the screams of “tag you it” and the uncontrollable laughter of a group of girls interrupt my thoughts. However, this interruption only sent my mind on another journey. I began the think back to my own childhood. I remembered how I complained everyday that my life was so boring and I never had anything to do, but looking back on it now, I was an idiot. I had so much time to do anything and basically everything I wanted. Comparing it to my present life, it’s everything I yearn for and more. Although, it seems only to be as good as a dream that will never come true. If I had the chance to be a kid again, I wouldn’t waste another second. Then again, I think back to what this whole journey outside was to be about. Similar to Thoreau’s ideas in Walden, it was not to dwell on the past, but to accept the present. Therefore, I decided to extend my 30 minute stay to purely to relax and forget about all the stress that comes on the roller coaster of life.

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