Lies of a Father

February 24, 2011
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The tip of my pen shakes in my hand, my eyes burn through the fresh paper. I wonder what you’ll feel when you open up my letter. I wonder if you’ll care how long it took me to write it. Fresh tears spill upon the white; I poison the paper with your lies. Remember how we used to be, remember when I still believed your lies. Did it hurt to lie to me, or did it come naturally, without a doubt. Remember driving me while you saw blurred lights; remember how I used to hide the keys. Remember when I cleaned your blood, and your broken dreams. Do you still wonder of the past, of the empty bottles in the trash, do you still think of how you broke me of how I no longer believe? Remember how naïve I was, always accepting you back. “Daddy loves you, this will never happen again,” yeah I believed in those lies. Remember how you used to taunt me, how you hurt me with your words. Worthless, nothing, that’s what I’ll always be because of you. The pain I feel when I look in the mirror is from those harsh words. I’ll never forget what you said to me. Yet I am stronger, I’ve overcome your words, yet you, you will always remain nothing to me but some broken words.
Love, you're broken daughter.

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