And This, I Believe

February 22, 2011
From the beginning of time when caveman roamed the Earth, spirituality was a part of life. It is, I am presuming- a part of the human nature to believe in something bigger within oneself and the universe. Thus, religion, organized religion developed from myths of the Native peoples from around the world. Every Native culture had some sort of belief in deities. They worshipped, sacrificed, and ran rules by the belief in these deities.

If one were to look back through the books of every religion and belief system, there is a common and major theme. Some omnipotent being, creates the World, people screw up everything (Adam and Eve), the World ta da! And we have death, pain and mystery bestowed upon us.

Most memorably in ancient mythology, Pandora’s box was something which held all evil and was released. And yet, there remained hope. This is another recurring theme. For thousands of years, mostly in secret, people doubted the gods and God, and today they are referred and refer to themselves as Atheists.

Many atheists claim science, truth, logic is their own. Or they are at least more intelligent then their counterparts. When one is to use logic, and rationality as their crutch, they will find nothing. They use human concepts too much. While we are human, we can not abide by the rules we make up. We must abide, by nothing. Stretch the mind, and work together, or look into the self. Arrogance is a common infection nowadays. Who are we to claim the Universe? We can choose to live in ignorance, or in wonder. I for one, choose wonder. Logic is not thinking. Rationality, is hardly so. Looking at things objectively, outside of very strictly ruled mathematics, is impossible. Bias, cannot be helped. Is there proof or evidence support something bigger? It could be so, mainly because of the existence of ideas. But this is so intangible! These are not things which can be figured by concrete thinking.

Let us take a look at what I have already written. I have not sourced anything, and use only my own knowledge, or lack thereof. I speak of atheists in a stereotypical manner. This is what I believe. That is the thesis of this paper, this is what I believe… and do as you will. These are my ideas, and you must find your own. I do not claim anything written to be factually correct or correct or true in any manner. Logic puts us at a halt. If I were to sit around trying to judge everything here as rational and correct… it wouldn’t be very sensible because there would be some person, or many people, somewhere that would believe this not to be so.
This is a presentation of the development of ideas. Once again, we will look at the first sentence in the third paragraph “Many atheists claim science, logic, truth and intelligence as their own.” This could be far from “factually” correct, and is more of an opinion. And so it is, a fact of opinion and I will blatantly ignore facts and all this reasoning because it is time to bring something new to the table. I probably can’t, but hopefully I will entice some bright person out there in the World to bring a new recipe for truth and for humanity to the table.

Philosophy takes us running around in circles, especially classical philosophy. Much of Aristotle’s philosophy takes us into circles. They are not reasonable circles, they are stupid circles. And he has taken the Western World, and sent them down the calf’s path for thousands of years. Yes, to find truth it is necessary that we go off the beaten path. Though I believe Eastern philosophy to be closer to truth, there are still some unresolved issues, such as being human and constantly doubting everything. I have found that by constantly questioning and thinking have gotten me far from where I want to be. But I don’t even know where I want to be. Does anybody know where they want to be? I do not speak of physically, I mean... in more of a transcending manner.

This brings me to the brain. This is the first issue that we must resolve before we leap off to a land of assumptions and conclusions. What is the soul? I think the solution to this is yes we are run by our brains. But it is nearly foolish to assume that we are limited to this. Limited to this as being human, but assuming there is more… then are brains are not it.

Let’s pretend that there is a land where all souls lie. This is where this God spirit, this something that we’re looking for is there, and somehow it bleeds into people. Everyone has their “piece” of soul. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle. We could assume we are like doors. Thinking, moving doors, moving by the same sort of energy that moves the sun and all the other stars. I do believe, as much as it is possible for me to believe that there is more than our brain. It’s just the functioning of us that is provided by our brain.

Nobody seems to understand the God they worship. But in a way, all of us are believing in a God. We simply, call Him by another name. What is God? In concrete terms, I will try to describe “Him”. He is everything. This incredible enigma… and this is where I stop. How can human words, lest a book describe something so infinite? And yet, why can’t it? I think, this is something we must feel. Experience, experience is the ingredient we must add to the dish we are presenting at this hypothetical table.

God, just is. This is the love, that moves us all. I have faith that there is a reason for everything, but there’s no need for faith here. But I will call it that.

You see, there need be no proof for anything. Just because something doesn't happen, doesn’t mean it’s not true. Because there is no truth except for the Ultimate.

We’re all energy and matter here. I treat inanimate, and everything as my brothers and sisters. They are. Love cannot be love unless it is presented to everything. But at the same time, everything is love. It’s a balance. We’re balanced between love and hate, but if one is to think hard enough, everything is just right. If only you perceive it that way. This is not meant to change you, this is just who I (a piece of a whole universe) perceive things. This means, I am willing to accept everything simply as it is. Accept it, but also just as willing to change the status quo.

There is no need to state the obvious about religion. It is mainly provided by people’s weaknesses and fears. Most of the people who abide, truthfully by their religion would be “good” people anyways. Everything is good and beautiful. All it takes is a little bit of eye opening. Though, I may not be a proper speaker on behalf of beautiful things, considering my life has been quite beautiful.

Religion… religion may seem like a sort of evil to many people, but I beg to differ. Governments, especially thos who parade as caring governments are far more repulsive. I do not know much about the World’s government, but I do know about my own. I do know, that hundreds of young men died for my freedom, and for righteousness just for a bunch of fat self righteous men to end up running it. All forms of government, excepting the most benevolent have failed quite miserably. As has everything else that humans have attempted. Which totally isn’t true, but close.

My God is music. My God is art, He is love, he of course… is. I believe this, but I see no harm in believing in angels and fairies and whatnot. Who knows? You never know. I prefer to look at the world in a more exciting way. As a wondrous place. Instead of being boring and persistent in my imagined reality.
My God exists within us, around us, and without us. This is paradox, and not paradox. Whichever one it is, it doesn’t matter. It is the concept that matters. And so I have led you to circles of confusion.

But they are slightly improved, and slightly differing from the normal stupid circles.

Let us examine art. Our art, how unbearable would our lives be without art? The correct question I think is, “How would life be without art?” Art is everything, and yet few people are true artists. The people who can express art, and who truly understand whilst feeling art… and those people. Those artists. Scientists are also artists. Painters, carvers, farmers, composers… anyone who understands and believes themselves and artist is so. Whether they are true artists is something that I judge on my own, and you can judge too.

People may be artists in the sense that they write music, persay. But they’re music may not truly be what they’re trying to express. They may write some annoying song about love, and what I’m hearing is the cries of the soul of the Earth for something purer, something that remains music. Something that is pleasant, and is from the soul. Where have the Rembrandts, the Picassos, the Fridas. Where is Bach? Where is Mozart? The next generation of these people lies underneath a plethora of lies and ignorance. I hope, that I am one of them.

But this is besides the point. To be an artist, is not to be a creator. We are expressive creators of something that simply hasn’t been arranged yet to be understandable. It’s communication of the intangible. To be an artist, is truly a noble person to be, and a label that should not bestowed on just anyone except the noble at heart. Art is indeed, not useless. These artists have suffered, because simply put, they feel more. If they do not understand the Universe with deeper meanings, they can’t communicate that. They cannot communicate nothing. The soul of art, can thankfully not be tainted because that is the soul of everything.

Humanity is running away, destroying themselves from a deeper meaning. From something. We are running away from something.
I do not claim to know the answers. But I claim to feel the questions, and to know the quest itself. We are aiming towards something, thus we must follow our hearts. And yet, the world is full of too many sheep. The non conformists, conform. And to be an artist, is a fearful thing. Because it is a recipe to be outcast from society. People don’t like change, and that’s what I plan to bring. And hopefully, others will to, even if it’s a change I don’t like. If so, I pray I can counteract that. I have brought, mystery lunch meat to the table.

And what is the point of this whole paper? This is what I believe. But not even that! It is up to you to find what you believe. To follow your heart, instead of listening constantly to whatever anyone tells you. If needed, don’t listen to yourself. Examine life, experience life, and do it quickly, because time is running out. Make this a better home for the children of the next century. Do not leave them this world to totally clean up on their own.

Remember what was left in Pandora’s box. Hope.

I believe in hope.

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