How I Feel and Think...

February 21, 2011
When i think of life,it all ways depends for me. My mood,how i feel,and what is going on in my life at the tI'me. Lately its been bad and i get angry very angry. And i can never calm my self down enough to let it all out, so it just staying all wrapped up in my heart and brain ready to come out but never does. When you do let it out it comes out and does not stop at anything. It ends up hurting some people and turning people away but then you can see who really is your friend and will be there till the end. I all ways say people like me i think I'm different from everyone else and will all ways feel that way. Nothing will ever,ever change that. People try to change me and people all ways and probaly will not stop the way they look,talk and feel around me. People start mess about non-stop and i just let it go until it includes family or best friends because thats personable to me and j care and all ways will care about that. No one will ever understand me not even my parents understand me. Only my best friends do and its very rare that they sometimes get what im saying and how i feel. People say i need help. I dont think i do but sometimes i do but other times not. R

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