Love at First Text

February 20, 2011
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Our meeting wasn’t special or romantic or magical but it meant something, to us both. He was a player but something was…intoxicating. It was like I needed to know him. One night on facebook, he randomly started talking and I, seriously, never remembered adding him but whatever I’ll text back and see how it goes. So we talked for four hours and at two A.M. we decided to exchange cell numbers. Okay, whatever it’s one number, no biggie. Yeah, wrong. The next morning the first text was “will you go out with me??” (Now I know this sounds like some cheesy love story but guess what? Everyone has one!) Anyway…we started dating and were on-and-off, like, a lot but we kept going back to each other, all summer. I became the cheer captain and he was the star running back. And then it happened. We were hanging out before practices and my squad needed me and he had to leave. We started walking and I broke into a sprint but he looked so hot I couldn’t help it! I ran back to him slipped my fingers under his skater black hair and pressed my lips straight to his. We fell in love. Literally. L.O.V.E. His first kiss. Not mine, but my favorite one. A week later we had our first date, sort of. It was me, him, his best girl friend, his best friend, his best girl friends best friend, my best friend, and his ex-girlfriend and some football players. GREAT! And we didn’t even go together! He went with his best girl friend. (who by the way liked him!) Anyway we went to the fair (which is a HUGE deal where we come from) but it took two hours and his ex to get us to be alone and we went on the classic, Farris wheel. We went but with the huge group we had we weren’t getting away for long so they went and screamed weird things until we came down, grreeaaatt! Then his best friend and my best friend got a little…cuddly. And my boyfriend and I thought it would be funny to go on the darkest ride of the park with them. We really wanted time to kiss but they were scared of the dark. So we go in and it’s…really scary!! So Jose is trying to calm me down and Raul and Kirsten are hugging with their eyes closed. (priceless picture) So Jose and I were cuddling pretty much when he whispered the four most precious words. In his sugar sweet angelic tone, he murmured, “I love you Hales.” And then the doors open and the moonlight poured in its mocking light but even as our group surrounded us all I could see was him. And at that moment, I truly did love him.

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