Push Forward, Mariana

February 18, 2011
By Anonymous

January 21, 2011

Push Forward, Mariana

Mariana you are the second oldest from all of us 6 years older than me , always dressing like your about to go out and when you wear sandels you could see your small chubby foot and criterish toes. You always have something funny to say that makes us crack up like Humpty Dumpty. I remember there was a time when all your life was heading nowhere just down a hill for you had opened the wrong door that closed the rest of the doors for you, for you had left school. I believe the year you left school was the year 2005/2006. Thinking back at that time it looked like you weren’t going to accomplish anything, alone get out of high school. Your life was heading down a hill, and i felt bad to see you ruin your life like this. I knew though you weren’t going to give up so easily. I guess you finally ignited the light and were on your way back to high school the best decision you could have made in your life. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy for you had obstacles to tackle your way through and push forward.

I remember me asking you till recently this year why you had left school? ,and you responded “Because I sat down and thought of everything i had accomplished ,but i hadn’t accomplished anything good , but made bad friends, get in trouble, lose my parents trust, fall behind in school, and make everyone think I’m a lost case.”

I didn’t know what to say at the time, but at the time i was “Thinking look at yourself now an accomplished young women with a bright future.”

You proceeded “I felt like i wasn’t capable of doing everything in life”

“How did you feel about that.”

“I felt horrible! i cried i said to myself crying isn’t going to help you now”

“Did you ever want to go back and fix your mistakes?”

“Yes, but i couldn’t go back and fix those mistakes it was to late to fix them.”

“But you went back to school and finish.”

“Because i realized it wasn’t to late, so i wrote down the things i needed to do to get back on track.”

“What you write down?”

“I don’t really remember, but i wanted to make the important people in my life happy which were mom and dad and be an example to you guys and others.”

“So where did you start out in your list?”

“Well first i needed to transfer school.Where i don’t know any body and start fresh and focus. do all my work, be on time, and present. i needed to get through all these obstacles to come.”

“Oh okay Mariana so now i know thanks for telling me.”

“Okay, you guys better get out of high school with a diploma”

After seeing that you made it out of high school after everything you went through made me think that if you made it i could make it to. Now that all of your problems are done it made me start thinking of my life and my education and how important it is. hopefully from this story people learn that sometimes it’s not to late to turn back and do the right thing. You always have to oush forward and not give up. thank you Mariana for being my inspiration.

The author's comments:
it is meant to be insparational and show others not to give up

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