The True Meaning of Life

February 18, 2011
By Anonymous


Eduardo: 14 years old
Eduardo’s Mom: about 40
Aunt Sandi: about 38
Uncle Rusty: 40
Grandma: about 80
Eduardo’s Dad:40
Scene 1: At Eduardo’s house August 1, 2010, it is a cold day and Eduardo is feeling happy because Eduardo knows that his birthday is coming up and he is hoping for a new iPod.
Mom: Well I don’t know if we have money for that so don't be too focused on it.
Aunt walks in.

Aunt: Hey, there Lalo, how are you doing?
Eduardo: Hi Aunt how are you doing? I’m doing ok.
Aunt : But how are you doing in school?
Eduardo: Well, I guess good, because I have three C+’s and three B’s.

Then Eduardo’s aunt get some food from her car that she had made in her house.

Aunt: What are you going to do for you birthday?
Eduardo: I don’t really want to do anything. I only want my iPod.
Aunt: Ok.

Aunt Sandi tells Eduardo’s mom something Eduardo couldn’t hear what she told his mom then she went home and that was the last time he saw her.And he never saw her from that point in his life.

Scene 2: November 8, 2010 Eduardo’s mom got the bad news that his aunt Sandi was murdered by two of her own friends but Eduardo didn’t know because he was in school at Global Studies.When Eduardo got home there was nobody home and he felt this thing that he should call his mom so he did.

Mom is crying.

Eduardo: Mom, where are you guys at?
Mom: Me and your dad are at your other aunt’s house, call you back. Bye!
Eduardo: But, Mom!
Eduardo’s Mom: No, bye.

Then Eduardo is feeling sleepy so he went to sleep in his room were as soon as you walk. Later he woke up like at 6:30 p.m. it is cold and was still the only one home, so he called his mom.

Eduardo’s Mom: Hello?
Eduardo: Were are you at. what time are you going to get home?
Eduardo’s Mom: We are almost home!
Eduardo: Well then make it fast.Bye.
Eduardo’s Mom: Bye.

Then Eduardo’s mom,dad and little brother came home it was raining it was kind of dark.Eduardo saw his mom going to the bathroom because he saw her crying like something bad happened. Dad walks in to Eduardo’s room. Eduardo has no idea what is going to happen next.

Eduardo Dad: We have some bad news for you but you can’t tell your little brother.

Eduardo was happy that day because he got a good report card. Then his dad began speaking in a kind of sad voice.

Eduardo’s Dad: Son, I’m sorry to tell you but your aunt Sandi was killed!

Eduardo’s mom is crying.

Eduardo: But why?
Dad: I don’t know?
Eduardo’s Mom: (crying) Don’t tell your little brother.

Eduardo went to his room so that his little brother didn’t see him cry,That whole day Eduardo spent day crying.

The next day Eduardo didn’t go to school because he went to go his other aunt’s house to pray for his dead aunt.The house was white but it is very old all of the plants in the yard are dead and the fence is rusty. Eduardo and his mom walk into the old house. The door squeaks. As soon as Eduardo and his mom walk in, he sees all of his family and one of his family members goes up to him to talk to him.

Eduardo’s family member: You made it take a seat we are about to pray.

After they prayed for Eduardo’s aunt, one of Eduardo’s family members began speaking.

Family member: Eduardo is there something we could do for you so you can get over this?
Eduardo: No I can get over this on myself.
Family member: Ok but if there is something we can do just call and we will do what we can.
Eduardo: Ok thank you.

Eduardo go’s to the bathroom.Mom is talking to Eduardo’s grandma?

Grandma:Was Eduardo close to Sandi?
Mom:Yes when I went to Las Vegas she babysat him.She went to Disneyland with him and he really got close to her.

Epilogue:Losing a loved one is always pianful but with the help of my family I got better.I learned that my family was there for me in my time of need;I think that for this reason is why you have family.My advice for other kids who are going through is or have gone through this is that they should let your family help you.further more if I could change the world I would change all of this killing that is going on I the world ;sadly I cant.One of my future goals is to go to do good in school so that I could go to college;that’s what my aunt wanted me to do.

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