February 10, 2011
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At times, and I do not doubt it is just me, I think. And I wonder, I wish, and I give thanks. I often think about one moment, like right now as I write this, what is going on in the world. I realize the fact that I am not alone in this world, that countless other people are rejoicing, something or someone has just changed their lives. There are people alone and suffering, overcome with sadness, dying of hunger or sickness, or wishing they could go back in time and change what cannot be changed. Many new lives are blinking into existance, opening their eyes to a simpler view of the world around them, unaware of the long life of uncontainable joy, overwhelming sadness, limitless love, and precious memories. At every second lights die out, lost but never forgotton. But some people, like myself at the moment, are happy with what they have, as they should be. One thing you should always remember is that anything can happen, it is often very quick, but just as often has long lasting, life changing effects. Anything you say or do can be used as a hammer to strike a person's soul, or a spark of light into a person's life. I write these things as a human being, one that experiences what you experience, and as one of the stars in the sky. Sometimes, it is good just to sit back and wonder what exactly goes on in each and every second to every person on Earth.
Sincerely, one of them....

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